Coronavirus (COVID-19)—report considers recovery in construction sector

Coronavirus (COVID-19)—report considers recovery in construction sector

Turner & Townsend has published its latest UK Market Intelligence Report for summer 2020. The report reveals that following the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, ‘the UK is entering what may be a prolonged period of deflation.’ Both the ‘slide’ in demand and sentiment, and the UK’s social distancing measures have run projects off their original course. In light of the uncertainty developed from coronavirus, the report discusses five issues which should be considered by the industry to achieve a healthy recovery—collaborate with suppliers, move beyond the transactional and adopt an enterprise approach towards supply chain engagement, align with the innovators and nurture them, a finger on the pulse when it comes to supply chain capability and fragility, power up productivity with off-site construction.

Source: UK market intelligence summer 2020: countering the impact of a pandemic

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