Coronavirus (COVID-19)—Making buildings safe

Coronavirus (COVID-19)—Making buildings safe

The Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government has published guidance on making buildings safe during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The government have not asked construction sites to close as it believes construction work to be critical to public safety, but government has stated that sites must work safely if they are going to continue operating. The guidance states that ‘progressing the remediation of high-rise buildings with unsafe cladding, particularly those with unsafe Aluminium Composite Material cladding; and maintaining measures to ensure buildings are safe ahead of remediation, remains a priority for the government’. As well as the guidance, government has put in place additional project management support with construction expertise to help with remediation and identify ways to reduce the impact on pace.

The guidance also states that employers should ensure that employees adhere to the Public Health England guidance and make appropriate arrangements so that employees are able to follow the guidance, such as staggering hours.

See the Construction Leadership Council’s guidance on site operating procedures and how construction sites should operate safely during the COVID-19 pandemic and the National Fire Chief’s Council’s guidance on waking watches within the context of COVID-19.

Source: Remediation and COVID-19: Building Safety update – 27 March 2020

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