Coronavirus (COVID-19)—HBF publishes Charter for Safe Working Practice

Coronavirus (COVID-19)—HBF publishes Charter for Safe Working Practice

The Home Builders Federation (HBF) has published its Charter for Safe Working Practice for the home building workforce, visitors to sites, and the local community with an aim of ensuring that building activities are carried out safely and in accordance with government and Public Health England advice. With the government announcing their support for construction activity continuing throughout the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, where safe to do so, HBF hope to work with their workforce, subcontractors and suppliers in developing and sharing further safe working practices.

HBF recognises that the responsibility for ensuring site safety is shared between the workforce, governing bodies and visitors, and outlines the methods that this can be accomplished, including:

• only undertaking operations we know can be carried out safely

• establishing safe access and egress to the site

• providing safe shared facilities

In addition to the safe practices for the workforce, subcontractors and suppliers, the Charter also makes requests to visitors of sites, in particular to:

• register with the site management team upon arrival for a coronavirus briefing

• stay at home if they have any coronavirus symptoms or are living with someone who has

• apply government guidance for safer travel, including avoiding public transport where possible

Read the Charter for Safe Working Practice in full here.

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