Coronavirus (COVID-19)—government secures early access to two promising vaccines

Coronavirus (COVID-19)—government secures early access to two promising vaccines

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy has confirmed that the government has secured early access to 90 million doses of two promising coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine candidates. Specifically, new in-principle agreements have secured 60 million doses of the Novavax vaccine and 30 million doses of the Janssen vaccine. The government will also provide support and infrastructure to Novavax in conducting a Phase 3 clinical trial of the vaccine in the UK. Additionally, the UK will also co-fund a ground-breaking global clinical trial of the Janssen vaccine which is expected to begin later in 2020. Should both vaccines prove to be safe and successful in clinical trials, both could be available to the UK in mid-2021, with frontline health and social care workers, ethnic minorities, adults with serious diseases and the elderly being among the first to receive the vaccines.

Source: UK government secures new COVID-19 vaccines and backs global clinical trial

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