Coronavirus (COVID-19)—Commission publishes Q&A on EU Vaccines Strategy

Coronavirus (COVID-19)—Commission publishes Q&A on EU Vaccines Strategy

The European Commission has published a Q&A answering queries relating to several key areas of the EU Vaccines Strategy and coronavirus (COVID-19) following the Commission announcing the strategy on 17 June 2020. Since the adoption of the strategy, the Commission has signed two contracts allowing the purchase of a vaccine—one with AstraZeneca and the other with Sanofi-GSK.

The Q&A covers queries in the following areas relating to the EU Vaccines Strategy:

• negotiation process

○ ‘Are all Member States represented in the Steering Committee and in the Negotiation Team?’

○ ‘Will the Commission publish the contracts signed with pharmaceutical companies?’

• liability and indemnification

○ ‘Has the Commission made concessions on liability to the industry, in particular on indemnification for certain liabilities?’

• authorisation process

○ ‘Can a vaccine be approved before completion of phase 3 of clinical trials?’

○ ‘What does the scientific assessment by the European Medicines Agency consist of? What is the process of approval?’

• once a vaccine is available

○ ‘What actually happens when the vaccine is available?’

○ ‘Where will the doses be stored?’

• COVID-19 Vaccine Global Access (COVAX)

○ ‘What is the Commission’s involvement with COVAX?’

○ ‘Can Member States buy vaccines through COVAX?’

Source: Questions and Answers: Coronavirus and the EU Vaccines Strategy

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