Coronavirus (COVID-19)—CMA provides update on work of its COVID-19 Taskforce

Coronavirus (COVID-19)—CMA provides update on work of its COVID-19 Taskforce

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has published a second update from its COVID-19 Taskforce. The Taskforce, which monitors and responds to competition and consumer concerns arising from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, found that between 10 March and 17 May 2020, the CMA had been contacted 60,000 times in relation to coronavirus-related issues.

The majority of complaints since mid-April 2020 relate to unfair practices in relation to cancellations and refunds, although it must be noted that the overall number of submissions relate only to 16,000 individual businesses, meaning that the vast majority of businesses are behaving reasonably.

Additional notable highlights include:

• on average, 1,200 individuals a day contacted the CMA between 11 and 17 May 2020

• the launch of a programme to investigate companies breaking the law in the sectors of holiday accommodation, weddings and events, and nurseries. This has now also been broadened to include package holidays

• the number of complaints about price increases has fallen since early April 2020, but there is still the significant risk of prices being raised above justifiable levels

• the CMA has written to 264 firms accounting for 3,100 complaints about price rises for essential products

The whole update can be read here.

Source: Update on CMA COVID-19 Taskforce

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