Children’s Commissioner publishes findings about children with SEN

Children’s Commissioner publishes findings about children with SEN

The Children’s Commissioner has published a briefing that details five things that people should know about special education needs (SEN) in schools. A review of the special education needs and disabilities (SEND) was supposed to be published in 2020, but was delayed due to coronavirus (COVID-19). The main focus of the briefing is the extent to which SEN are met in schools and the implications of these findings on the SEND Review that is now due to be published in 2021.

The five points contained within the briefing are:

• a lot of children with SEN also have other vulnerabilities

• children with SEN have poorer outcomes compared to their peers

• the vast majority (over four in five) of children with SEN are educated in mainstream schools

• the funding for SEN has fallen behind the demand, making the system untenable

• families of children with SEND are increasingly relying on legal routes to address the lack of support they are receiving. Although these complaints are often successful, it disadvantages families that cannot afford to rely on this

The full briefing is available here.

Source: Five things you need to know about SEN in schools

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