Children’s Commissioner launches survey on impact of coronavirus (COVID-19)

Children’s Commissioner launches survey on impact of coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Children’s Commissioner for England, Dame Rachel de Souza, has launched a consultation on improving children’s experiences in a post-coronavirus (COVID-19) world. ‘The Big Ask’ will be available in every school in England and via the Oak National Academy. De Souza has said it is the largest consultation with child respondents ever taken in England. The submissions will be used to form a report, the Childhood Commission, that highlights the biggest issues faced by children, as determined by them, and ways to address these problems. The consultation will close on 19 May 2021.

To encourage children’s interest in the survey, an online assembly, introduced by Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford, has been released in tandem with it. De Souza is also planning to visit schools in person to hear first-hand how the children have been impacted by coronavirus.

De Souza is also co-ordinating focus groups in different communities so that the experiences of babies and pre-school children are not missed. This will include focus groups for children with special educational needs or disabilities.

Speaking about the survey, de Souza said: ‘It is time to give something back to children after the huge sacrifices they have made during the Covid pandemic. "The Big Ask" will ask millions of children in England to tell us what life is like for them, what their hopes and ambitions are, and what is holding them back.’

To sign up for The Big Ask, click here.

Source: Launching the biggest ever consultation with children in England as part of Beveridge-style report into post-Covid childhood

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