BEIS declares projects getting grant for solving coronavirus (COVID-19) problems

BEIS declares projects getting grant for solving coronavirus (COVID-19) problems

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has announced 20 projects set to receive a share of £7.35m funding for aviation projects ‘solving major global challenges’ including coronavirus (COVID-19) and climate change. The projects include the development of drones capable of delivering medical supplies and technology to enable remote inspections of infrastructure and construction sites. The funding is part of a wider £33.5m investment entitled ‘Future Flight Challenge’ with 28 additional projects potentially receiving funding.

Projects set to receive funding include:

• Windracers SWARM technology—developing technology allowing drones to fly in close formations for purposes such as fighting fires and delivering humanitarian aid

• Drone Defence Services—alongside the University of Nottingham, developing sensor technology to track aircraft, providing increased airspace awareness

• MediDrone—developing a network of drones acting as ‘high-speed shuttles’ for small medical packages, limiting human contact with supplies

• Cornish Drone Airbridge—developing technology capable of delivering personal protective equipment and coronavirus testing kits to rural communities in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

This investment is part of the government’s commitment to help advance the UK and to increase R&D public spending to £22bn per year by 2024–2025.

Source: Drones to fight fires and deliver COVID-19 supplies are first to receive share of over £33 million government funding

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