ASA launches coronavirus (COVID-19) reporting form

ASA launches coronavirus (COVID-19) reporting form

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has introduced a new form for reporting ads related to coronavirus (COVID-19). The form is intended to assist the ASA in its aim to protect the public by taking action against ads promoting 'cures' or 'guaranteed protection' from the virus. The ASA has confirmed that all ads reported through this form will be prioritised by a team of dedicated specialists.

The ASA has been proactively banning ads which are harmful, misleading, or irresponsibly suggest that so-called preventative products, such as facemasks, can protect individuals from coronavirus (see, for example, the ASA Ruling on Novads OU, 4 March 2020).

The introduction of the new form follows the ASA's announcement on its regulatory approach to coronavirus (see LNB News 24/03/2020 65) and advice issued to advertisers on advertising responsibility in respect of coronavirus (see LNB News 13/03/2020 10).

Source: Report a coronavirus related ad

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