Arrangements for the UK Supreme Court during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Arrangements for the UK Supreme Court during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

The Supreme Court has released an update which details amendments to its operations during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The update provides information both on the Court and the Registries, which are operating remotely.

The following changes have been made to ensure that the UK Supreme Court and the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council can continue their work:

• the building in Parliament Square is closed until further notice, and staff are not able to access any documents or hard copy material located within

• hearings are now being conducted via video conferencing facilities, and parties will have been contacted with information about the hearing beforehand, and they will continue to be livestreamed, although with some expected delay

• judgement announcements will be made as usual, as well as streaming, although there may be changes to the timings at which the judgements will be delivered

With regard to the Registries, the following measures have been introduced:

•  papers for filing should be sent through electronically to the relevant registry and it will be treated as having been filed the next business day. Where the document carries a fee, parties are asked to email the registry for bank details

• papers for hearings must be supplied electronically as a downloadable link to the relevant registry

• time limits will be applied flexibly, but parties should keep in mind that unnecessary disputes over procedural matters are discouraged

• the Registries will be closed over Easter, from 4.30pm on Tuesday 7 April, to 10am on Monday 20 April. Where a time limit for a filing expires on a business day during the holiday, the deadline will automatically be extended to 20 April

• formal applications for an extension of time are not necessary where these are for a period of three weeks or less, unless the application relates to a hearing listed in the six weeks from the date of application. Emailing the relevant registry with the details suffices

• parties with genuinely urgent applications should email and copy in the relevant registry

• orders signed by the Registrar will be issued electronically but won’t be sealed, and the Registrar will be informed by the Privy Council Office about arrangements for Orders in Council

• the Registrar is not listing any new appeals for the moment, and any adjourned will be relisted at a later date

• any queries in relation to costs should be sent to data-sf-ec-immutable="">

For any additional queries regarding the Registries, email data-sf-ec-immutable=""> or

All tours, visits and events have been cancelled.

Source: Supreme Court—Arrangements during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

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