Market Tracker weekly round-up—5 January 2018

Market Tracker weekly round-up—5 January 2018
Weekly round-up of the latest corporate announcements, including a reorganisation by ReNeuron Group plc, a return of value by Rightmove plc, a related party transactions by NMC Health plc, and an AGM notice from Numis Corporation plc.
The weekly round-up covers all deals announced from the Monday of the previous week until 12 noon on the Friday of the previous week. Any deals announced after this time will be included in the following day's round-up.The information contained in the weekly round up is republished in the monthly round up at the end of the month. To access previous announcements please visit the Market Tracker section of the Corporate homepage.

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New deals announced:


Announcement date Company Industry sector Key information
3 January 2018 Numis Corporation plc Investment Numis Corporation has announced that its 2018 AGM will be held on 2 January 2018.

LR/AIM Rules transactions

Announcement date Company Industry sector Key information
4 January 2018 NMC Health plc Healthcare NMC Health has announced a related party transaction under the Listing Rules.


Announcement date Company Industry sector Key information
5 January 2018 ReNeuron Group plc Pharmaceuticals & biotechnology ReNeuron Group has announced a proposed share capital reorganisation of its existing ordinary share capital in order to create a capital structure more conducive to attracting new institutional investors and to increase the marketability of the Company’s shares.
The Company will reduce the number of issued ordinary shares in the Company by a factor of 100, whilst increasing the trading price of each existing ordinary share. The Company currently has 3,164,618,541 existing ordinary shares in issue. The Company Secretary will firstly subscribe for 59 new ordinary shares, to ensure the issued share capital is exactly divisible by 100. The existing ordinary shares will then be sub-divided to ensure that following completion of the consolidation, the nominal value of each new ordinary share is 1 pence. This will involve a sub-division of each existing ordinary share of 1 pence each into one interim ordinary share of 0.01 pence each and one new deferred share of 0.99 pence, followed by a consolidation of every 100 interim ordinary shares of 0.01 pence into one new consolidation ordinary share of 1 pence.
All fractional entitlements will then be sold and the Company’s new deferred shares of 0.99 pence each will be subject to a buy-back and will then be cancelled.
Following completion of the share capital reorganisation, the Company will have in issue 31,646,186 new consolidated ordinary shares of 1 pence each in nominal value.

Returns of value to shareholders

Announcement date Company Industry sector Key information
2 January 2018 Rightmove plc Computing & IT Property Rightmove announced that it has commenced an irrevocable, non-discretionary programme to purchase shares on its own behalf, for cancellation, during its close period.
The programme commences from the start of business on 2 January 2018 until the close of business on 22 February 2018.
The maximum pecuniary amount allocated to the buy-back programme is £23,000,000 and the maximum number of shares that will be purchased is 511,111, for the purpose of shareholder returns.

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