Market Tracker weekly round-up—24 August 2018

Market Tracker weekly round-up—24 August 2018
Weekly round-up of the latest corporate announcements, including a joint venture between Vast Resources plc and Red Mercury (Pvt) Ltd.
The weekly round-up covers all deals announced within our statement of scope until 12 noon on the Friday of the previous week. Any deals announced after this time will be included in the following day's round-up.The information contained in the weekly round up is republished in the monthly round up at the end of the month. To access previous monthly round ups please visit the Monthly deal round-ups archive.

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New deals announced:

Joint ventures

Announcement date Deal Industry sector Key information
22 August 2018 Vast Resources plc and Red Mercury (Pvt) Ltd Mining, metals & extraction Vast Resources has announced that it has concluded an agreement with Red Mercury (Pvt) Ltd for exclusive access to a diamond concession area in what has become known as the Marange Diamond Fields in the Chiadzwa region of Zimbabwe.
The purpose of the agreement is to carry out initial due diligence on the area with a view to concluding a joint venture agreement, the principal terms of which have been agreed, for exploration, mining and marketing.

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