Market Tracker weekly deal round-up—16 January 2020

Market Tracker weekly deal round-up—16 January 2020


10 January 2020

  • Paragon Banking Group plc will hold its 2020 AGM on 13 February 2020

Capital reorganisations

13 January 2020

  • Tiziana Life Science plc announced its intention to redomicile 


13 January 2020

  • Tiziana Life Science plc intends to delist

9 January 2020

  • SalvaRx Group plc intends to delist on 10 January 2020

Joint ventures

14 January 2020

  • Signed agreement between Iconic Labs plc & Bacchus Creative Entertainment

13 January 2020

  • Signed agreement between Victrex plc & Yingkou Xingfu Chemical Company Limited

Secondary offers

9 January 2020

  • HICL Infrastructure plc announced a placing

The weekly round-up covers all deals announced within our statement of scope until 12 noon on Thursday from 12 noon on the Thursday of the previous week. Any deals announced after this time will be included in the following week's round-up. 

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