Market Tracker Trend Report: Trends in UK public M&A deals in 2014

tunnelThis report includes in-depth analysis of the 85 firm and possible offer announcements made for companies subject to the Takeover Code in 2014, providing insight into public M&A trends in 2014 and what we might expect to see in 2015. Topics covered include transaction structure, forms of consideration, foreign bidder activity, formal sale processes, offer-related arrangements and the imminent demise of the cancellation/capital reduction scheme of arrangement.

There are clear indicators that the public M&A market is recovering and this positive momentum is expected to continue in 2015. Importantly, 2014 saw a greatly increased deal flow, with 29% more firm offers announced compared with 2013. Even more significantly, aggregate deal values were over 500% greater than in 2013, with a big upsurge in deal values in the second half of the year. Bidder certainty also improved, with 25% more offer periods commencing with a firm offer announcement than in 2013.

This report augments and updates our report in respect of the first half of 2014: Tracking the market: Trends in UK public M&A for the first half of 2014.

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