Market Tracker: Trend Report - Issues at the 2013 AGM. Corporate Governance, Narrative Reporting and Executive Remuneration

In the second of our Trend Reports we take a look at developments that may impact a company’s 2013 AGM and the structure of its annual report and accounts.

The 2012 UK Corporate Governance Code and anticipated legislative changes due in October this year on narrative reporting and executive pay mean many are finding it helpful to get on top of requirements sooner rather than later. How up-to-speed are you?

In addition to setting out all these new developments, the Trend Report shows the practical implications for companies and includes examples of market practice, for example, how organisations have responded to the Davies Report on Women on Boards. It also shows that you can’t always believe the hype - despite widespread media coverage over shareholder dissatisfaction with director remuneration levels, statistics show that shareholder dissent was down in 2012 from the previous year.

Click here to see the full Trend Report. Again, we’d be interested to hear your comments...

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