Market Tracker Trend Report: AGM season 2014

markettrackertrendreportagm2014imageThis Market Tracker Trend Report analyses the latest market practice and emerging trends coming out of the 2014 AGM season. It provides an in-depth analysis of the topical corporate governance disclosures being made in the annual reports, and the resolutions being proposed in the AGM notices, of FTSE 350 companies. Lexis®PSL Corporate has also identified the emerging trends in shareholder voting at the AGMs of those companies.

Narrative reporting

In this section, we look at the latest developments in relation to disclosures made in compliance with the UK Corporate Governance Code (the Code) and other requirements within the narrative reporting sections of FTSE 350 companies’ annual report and accounts.

Notice of AGM

This part looks at the resolutions proposed by FTSE 350 companies at their AGMs in 2013- 2014, including analysis on compliance with the new directors’ remuneration shareholder voting regime.

Voting results

In the final section, we analyse the voting results at the AGMs held in the 2014 season and identify the notable trends in shareholder voting.

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