Department for Business, Energy & Industry publishes update on EU exit preparations

Department for Business, Energy & Industry publishes update on EU exit preparations

The Department for Business, Energy & Industry Strategy (BEIS) has published an update regarding steps being taken to prepare businesses in the event of a no-deal Brexit. BEIS has also recruited 700 new staff to work on EU exit policy using additional funding allocated by HM Treasury for Brexit preparedness

Steps being taken include:

• retaining a general system for recognition where UK regulators will be required to recognize EEA and Swiss qualifications which are of an equivalent standard to UK qualifications in scope, content and level

• the laying of legislation and putting in place of new measures by the Office for Product Safety and Standards to ensure a robust and effective product safety and metrology regime

• collaborating with Ofgem, the Northern Ireland Utility Regulator and interconnector operators to put in place, arrangements that aim to ensure that electricity and gas continue to flow across borders

• the passing of new legislation in preparation for a future separate from the EU, with 57 of 63 required statutory instruments needed by 29 March 2019 including new laws for a nuclear safeguards regime that will maintain the UK’s ability to trade in the nuclear sector while ensuring the country remains on track to meet its international obligations

• continued cooperation with the UK research community to maintain collaboration with the EU while laying legislation to ensure laws governing areas like employment rights and renewable energy remain world-leading after we leave

• the publication and continued updating of 28 technical notices including oil and gas, climate change, company law and state aid to guide businesses on actions to take in order to continue exporting and importing a range of goods and services

• the publication of a package of secondary legislation in December 2018 to ensure energy laws including the European Network Codes, Electricity and Gas Acts, EU regulations under the Third Energy Package continue to function effectively after 29 March 2019

• signing Nuclear Cooperation Agreements with Australia, Canada and the United States to allow the UK to continue civil nuclear cooperation when current European Atomic Energy Community arrangements cease to apply

• making use of £92m of funding to develop options for a UK Global Navigation Satellite System

• protecting the UK’s climate ambition by taking steps that ensure that if the UK leaves the EU Emissions Trading Schemes, companies will still have to report their carbon emissions and there will be a carbon tax of equivalent impact

• collaborating with Cabinet Office and the Department for Exiting the European Union to ensure all business sectors continue to be appropriately informed on all major issues

BEIS has also published guidance on a range of measures businesses may need to take to prepare for a no-deal scenario. A business readiness website has also been launched and it includes a tool that informs businesses on steps to take to prepare for the UK leaving the EU, what this means for specific industries and information on specific rules and regulations.

Source: Press release: Preparing for EU exit—BEIS update 

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