Business women demand ‘Radical and Rapid’ action to address gender pay gap

Business women demand ‘Radical and Rapid’ action to address gender pay gap

Over 100 women in senior leadership roles, in top UK organisations and the government, have launched a social media campaign, #MeTooPay.  A website has been launched which intends to become a hub to push conversation surrounding latest news stories, court cases and policies surrounding pay discrimination.

This comes after an employment tribunal revealed discriminatory behavior in relation to pay and bonuses paid to Stacey Macken in comparison to her male colleagues.  Dame Moya Green, former chief executive at the Royal Mail, was prompted to act and launched the campaign for those who were ‘frustrated to still read stories about women not getting the pay they deserve’.  The campaigners note that whilst the area is legislated and many companies do have good policies in place, cases such as Macken’s highlight that more needs to be done. The website intends to highlight both good and bad policies in practice and draw attention to cases such as Macken’s, which is hoped will keep the spotlight on the issues surrounding the pay gap and push for change.  

Signatories include Dame Minouche Shafik, the next potential governor of the Bank of England, and Baroness Dido Harding, chairman of NHS improvement and former chief executive of  the TalkTalk group.

There has been an increased focus on gender inequality in recent years, following the Hampton-Alexander review, first published in 2016, which called for FTSE 350 companies to have at least 33% female representation at board level by 2020. Following this, the government made it a legal requirement to report on gender pay gap in the UK from 6 April 2017. The #MetooPay movement is the latest push for gender equality. It follows the government backed, Men Act as Change Agents (MACA) board who met for this first time this September, in support of the Hampton-Alexander review on gender diversity, and the Parker review regarding ethnic diversity.

Market Tracker will look into the progress made in relation to the Hampton-Alexander review in more detail in the upcoming 2019 AGM trend report.

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