Berkeley investors to see increased pay out

Berkeley investors to see increased pay out

Berkeley group plc has proposed to increase its return to shareholders by £455 million, bringing total returns to £1 billion over the next 2 years. 

Under its existing scheme, the group intended to make returns of £280 million annually until September 2025, via share buybacks and ordinary dividends. The proposal will see the company handing out an additional £500 million by March 2020, and a further £500 million by March 2021 via B and C share schemes, followed by share consolidations. Following this, the company intends to revert to the original return of £280 million per annum until 2025.

The London housebuilders attributed this to cautious investment, including several long-term regeneration sites, in a ‘volatile operating environment’ which has seen its cash position rise from £107.5 million to in excess of £1.0 billion.  The company has begun construction on 20 of these sites in December and expects to see a 50% increase in housing delivery over the next 6 years.

Berkeley’s share price increased 4% on 22 January, following the announcement. 

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