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Richard Burcher | 5 Articles
Richard Burcher is a former 30 year practising lawyer, Notary Public and managing partner, now based in London and working internationally. With a deep interest in all aspects of pricing legal services, Richard’s efforts are intently focused on how this traditional area of tension between lawyers and their clients can be reinvented to maximise profitability and client satisfaction using sophisticated pricing strategies, tactics and tools.
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The Latin term for price is pretium. However, closer investigation reveals that pretium also means “value”. In other words, the Romans had the same word for price...


Step 1: what are they really asking for? A couple of weeks ago, a partner in a large London City firm we have been working intensively with, recounted a discussion...


Almost anything is capable of differentiation. If this were not true, how is it that Fortnum & Mason can charge £5.25 for a pot of strawberry jam compared to...

By Richard Burcher I have heard value pricing variously described as “what the client will stand”, “making up a figure”, “hourly billing plus some more”, and “ask...

By Richard Burcher Migration from pricing as an administrative function to pricing as a skill: Pricing is a skill. That’s it. No discussion. Anyone who thinks...

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