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The Insurance Act 2015 (IA 2015) came into force on 12 August 2016 and applies to all contracts of insurance entered into on or after that date, including various...


This two-part blog examines questions that might arise in relation to structuring a mixed use development as a variation on clean freehold investment structure. The...


Our previous blog post on the topic of mixed use developments: 6 structures for reducing risk in mixed use developments referred to a number of potential issues,...

SA-1019-028 925x286 Built Environment 15

This two-part blog examines issues that might arise when serving a section 25 notice where the landlord wishes to redevelop part of the property.  In our scenario, a...


When the contractual term of a protected business tenancy comes to an end, the landlord might wish to either end or renew the lease by serving a section 25 notice on...

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