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Louisa Whitney

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Louisa Whitney is a mediator at LKW Family Mediation and a freelance legal writer and blogger
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SA-1019-028-925x286(1)Family 3

As family practitioners are aware it is now compulsory for the majority of clients to attempt to mediate prior to issuing a court application.  Most practitioners...

SA-1019-028-925x286(1)Family 4

On 1 April 2013 the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act  2012 came into force and legal aid was withdrawn for most family matters.  Legal aid is...

SA-1019-028-925x286(1)Family 12

Resolution's Dispute Resolution Conference took place at the end of last week in Nottingham.  This annual conference, focusing on dispute resolution, is 10 years old...

SA-1019-028-925x286(1)Family 9

Mediation is not a new concept for the legal profession.  There are lawyer mediators who have been mediating for more than 20 years.  Yet for various reasons...

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