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Electra Japonas
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Electra Japonas | 1 Article

Electra Japonas is the founder and CEO of The Law Boutique, a challenger law firm that is bringing law into the 21st century. The Law Boutique takes a uniquely holistic, customer-first approach to delivering high quality legal, operational and strategic support to fast-growth businesses.

Electra started The Law Boutique in 2017 having spent over ten years in various large organisations in commercial legal and data protection roles, including the European Space Agency, Disney, BAT and EY. She realised there was a gap in the market for a legal company that took a more holistic approach to legal support, beyond just the law. The penny dropped when in her last role at BAT, she spent four months negotiating a multi-million pound agreement for an IT project with the support of a big expensive law firm, only to come out of the negotiation and have to re-draft the whole agreement when the business was unable to understand most of what it said. She spent another few months translating the agreement into plain English, introducing visual guides to explain how the various teams need to operate to reach the right outcomes and building tech tools to streamline the contract management process.

Electra is passionate about bringing innovation, design-thinking and strategy to the legal sphere and building a business that is truly going to make a difference in the way people experience, expect and deliver legal support.

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