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Dana Denis-Smith

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Dana Denis-Smith is the CEO and founder of Obelisk Support, a legal services provider offering flexible legal solutions to FTSE100 and law firms with highly-skilled lawyers. Obelisk Support was listed as one of the fastest-growing businesses in Europe in 2018 by the Financial Times.

 A TedX speaker, Dana regularly speaks at industry events and in the media on gender equality, entrepreneurship and legal technology. In 2019, she was recognised by the Legal 500 for Outstanding Achievement in Legal Services and in 2018, she was voted Legal Personality of the Year at the LexisNexis Awards

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What does this mean for lawyers looking at their career plans longer-term? You need to think now about how these three big ideas will impact on your working life.

With a new decade upon us Dana Denis-Smith, CEO at Obelisk Support, takes a dive into the future trends of the legal profession.

Dana Denis-Smith CEO, Obelisk Support and founder of the First Hundred Years project. Sometimes innovation comes in the shape clothes. For most of the...


For the past 8 years now, I’ve been sitting on the legal innovation bus - trying to bring fresh ideas and models of working. This strange and wonderful journey began...


Spare a thought for London’s black-cab drivers – they recently took to the streets to protest against Uber, the mobile phone app that has had many a brush with the...


By Dana Denis-Smith Two things always struck me in The Waldorf Salad, an episode from the 1970s British comedy classic Fawlty Towers. And they both remind me why...

SA-1019-028 925x286 Future of Law 8

By Dana Denis-Smith What can an industry that charges in manpower-units learn from one that charges in horsepower units? Law and taxis – both centuries-old...

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