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Catherine Gleave

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Catherine is one of the Future of Law's digital editors. She graduated from Durham University with a degree in English Literature and worked at a barristers chambers before joining Lexis Nexis. 
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The act of sharing is an indelible part of our modern existence. Whilst social media is still awash with photos of holidays and brunches with friends, increasingly...


Believe it or not, technology is a vital component in the recruitment process. Through the application of advanced digital tools, tech can match candidates and...


Part 2 of the great debate over technology, editors Mark and Catherine weigh up the pros and cons of technology on collaboration in a rapidly changing legal...


In this, the eighth anniversary year of the Equality Act, we have data—for the first time—that reports on the scale of the gender pay gap in private business and the...


If you’ve ever looked for “Millennials are…” in a search engine, you’ll know a few things; Millennials are “screwed”, “anxious” and are “killing industries” in their...


Such is the power and prevalence of modern search tools that new parents are shunning the name “Alexa” for fear that it will appear a deranged homage to Amazon’s...


Last week, LexisNexis hosted a collaborative roundtable with Legal Geek: The Future of Work, sponsored by north-east investment programme, Invest Newcastle. Ushered...


Benjamin Harrison, a future pupil barrister at No.5 Chambers, examines the current climate of access to justice in light of the Jackson reforms, and analyses what...


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Stretching out on a familiar sofa, I draw my laptop closer to my fingers, take a sip of coffee and dive into my inbox. Today is a work-from-home day, a welcome part...

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