Referendum day: top tweets for commercial lawyers

Referendum day: top tweets for commercial lawyers

At last.

At long last: it is referendum day.

So what have legal commentators been saying? Today we have a look at some of the most useful tweets that we have come across for commercial lawyers.

Some, such as the well-known legal writer Jack of Kent, aren't convinced that much with happen; certainly from a legal point of view:

On the other hand, others believe that plenty of change will be afoot if the 'yes' campaign wins.

Last week, LexisNexis interviewed an eloquence of lawyers (if indeed that is the proper collective noun) and published a comprehensive 32-page PDF on how independence might affect lawyers across the UK.

Check it out here:

So what else has the legal Twitterati been saying?

Legal journalist Joshua Rozenberg has a few views of his own.

Here are his nine legal questions if Scottish voters go for independence:

And Scottish lawyer and legal blogger, Peter has a few interesting points of his own, particularly regarding the practical aspects of independence.

(Bear in mind that, like many bloggers, he does let the odd bit of colourful language seep into his work.)

Scottish broadsheet, The Scotsman, reports that 'the legal fraternity will find ways of benefiting whatever the result':

A point of view shared by Kiran Stacey at the FT:

Although he warns:

Specialist law and legal recruitment company, Law Absolute, reports that one law firm has moved its money to England, fearing a 'run on banks should the vote split the nations':

Lawyers have been heavily involved on both sides of the debate:

Lawyers Together on the 'No' side:

And Lawyers for Yes on the (you guessed it) 'Yes' side:

And the final words:

Go to the PM:

And the FM:

So whilst you wait for the polls to close, ballets to be counted and result to be declared, don't forget to check out our previous post on Comet (Scottish independence: what commercial lawyers need to know) for tips on what commercial lawyers should be keeping an eye out for.

And above all, good luck Scotland!

The views expressed in the tweets are not necessarily those of the proprietor.

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