Public procurement: key considerations

Public procurement: key considerations

This year has seen the biggest change in procurement law for a decade. Earlier on in the year, the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 came into force and any procurements run after that date have been subject to the new regime.

An authority must now use one of the five permitted procurement procedures set out in the Regulations—as opposed to four under the previous regime—unless an exemption applies, such as where the value of the contract is below the relevant threshold.

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Public procurement–key considerations

This Practice Note sets out details of those procedures and the practical information you should know, as a contracting authority, when procuring goods, services or both under them. It is also of use to commercial bidders so that they can understand how procurements are typically run.

LexisPSL Commercial customers can find further guidance in the following Practice Notes

Public procurement—Open procedure
Public procurement—Restricted procedure
Public procurement—Competitive procedure with negotiation (negotiated procedure)
Public procurement—Competitive dialogue procedure
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