Model Commercial Leases - a long awaited new dawn?

Last week saw the launch of the Model Commercial Lease (MCL) website providing a suite of template commercial leases and some property management docs which are free to download.

With leasehold issues including AGAs being possibilities to be included in the Law Commission’s 12th programme of reform (it is due to put forward its proposals to the government this summer), the culmination of three years work on the MCL is a welcome leap towards achieving an industry standard suite of commercial lease documents.

The MCL was originally commissioned by the British Property Federation and a large number of well-known law firms, clients and trade organisations have been represented on the working group that produced the documents, or taken part in extensive informal consultations.

The MCL is intended to avoid the unnecessary negotiation on routine lettings by representing a fair starting point for both parties. The leases have been drafted for use by landlords not tenants but if adopted as an industry standard will potentially benefit both landlords and tenants by providing a faster and cheaper method of agreeing commercial lease documents providing a useful starting point for negotiations much in the way that the standard property sale conditions do.

With many of the major landlords preferring their own form of leases and the difficulty in transitioning to a new form of lease with already let buildings and centres, it is likely that any adoption will be incremental rather than overnight.

The various forms of standard leases and management documents can be accessed here.

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