Lexis®PSL Environment Newscast—March 2018

Lexis®PSL Environment Newscast—March 2018

A new Environment Act, Select Committees report on ‘Improving Air Quality’ and Spring Statement

Welcome to the third edition of our monthly environmental law newscast produced in partnership with Christopher Badger, Barrister, 6 Pump Court.

In this bulletin, we consider some of the key legal developments in the environmental law field for March 2018, including:

  • a new Environment Act;
  • Select Committees report on ‘Improving Air quality’; and
  • Spring Statement.


A new Environment Act—tune in from 00:30 secs

Christopher discusses the prospect of a new Environment Act, how this sits alongside pledges made in the 25 Year Environment Plan and whether there is enough time to put together a new Environment Act, that ensures equivalence in environmental protection, before the UK leaves the EU.

Select Committees report on ‘Improving Air quality’—tune in from 2:59 mins

On 8 March 2018, the joint inquiry into air quality held by four Select Committees produced its report entitled “Improving Air Quality”.

In this newscast, Christopher takes us through some of the key points of this report and considers what the Minister’s response to the Committees’ questions reveals about the government’s attitude towards some of the proposals outlined.

Spring Statement—tune in from 4:56 mins

The Spring Statement was published on 13 March 2018.

Christopher highlights what coverage the environment was given in the Spring Statement and discusses the call for evidence to tackle the problem of plastic littering and the threat that is posed to the marine environment.

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