Lexis®PSL Environment Newscast—February 2018

Lexis®PSL Environment Newscast—February 2018

Draft Waste Enforcement Regulations 2018, Environment Agency’s water quality report and Supreme Court case of R (Mott) v Environment Agency

Welcome to the second edition of our monthly environmental law newscast produced in partnership with Christopher Badger, Barrister, 6 Pump Court.

In this bulletin, we consider some of the key legal developments in February 2018:

  • draft Waste Enforcement (England and Wales) Regulations 2018
  • Environment Agency’s water quality report
  • Supreme Court case of R (Mott) v Environment Agency


Draft Waste Enforcement (England and Wales) Regulations 2018—tune in from 0.28 secs

Draft Regulations have been laid before Parliament that allow the Environment Agency to serve a notice on the occupier of land or landowner requiring them to remove waste that is being illegally stored on land, irrespective of whether or not the waste was illegally deposited in the first place.

In this newscast, Christopher looks at some of the key requirements under the draft regulations and considers what effect the regulations may have on landowners.

Environment Agency’s water quality report—tune in from 2.01 mins

On 19 February 2018, the Environment Agency published a report entitled ‘The state of the environment: water quality’.

In this newscast, Christopher summarises some of the key findings of the report and discusses what this could mean for sentencing for water pollution incidents.

Supreme Court case of R (Mott) v Environment Agency—tune in from 4.44 mins

On 14 February 2018, the Supreme Court handed down judgment in R (Mott) v Environment Agency. The case concerned a leasehold interest in a salmon fishery on the Severn Estuary, licence conditions imposed by the Environment Agency, which substantially limited the annual catch, compensation and the right to property.

In this newscast, Christopher takes us through the background to the case, outlines what issues were under consideration in the Supreme Court and looks at what was held in the judgment. Christopher also analyses what makes this such an interesting and exceptional case.

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