Dodging the Draft: 90% of laywers won’t spot the mistake



We asked 180 lawyers about their proofreading habits. Despite all the efforts lawyers put into proofreading, we found that 90% of 'proofread' documents contained errors.

Drafting is fundamental to lawyering, and a vital stage in drafting is proofreading and document review, but LexisNexis has uncovered that as many as 33% of lawyers admit skipping proofreading through lack of time. The risk and opportunity to address this has never been more critical.

This research, mainly around business services leaders’ attitudes to more efficient and risk-managed document drafting, has uncovered a number of key themes that show why and how law firms are failing their clients around drafting: a reluctance to and fear of change, a lack of understanding and knowledge of the tools available to support proofreading improvements, and a lack of clarity around who should drive improvements.

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