CPSE update: August 2014

CPSE update: August 2014

New versions of some of the Commercial Property Standard Enquiries (CPSEs) suite of documents have been issued, to reflect the following minor changes. The CPSEs are a suite of documents prepared by members of the London Property Support Lawyers Group and endorsed by the British Property Federation.

CPSE.1 (now version 3.4)

Enquiry 21.8 and its drafting note have been updated to refer to the extended period (three years) introduced in the revision of regulation 40(11) of the Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations 2010 (SI 2010/948). The drafting note to Enquiry 32 has been amended to refer to a new guidance note on the answers to this Enquiry.

CPSE.2 (now version 3.3)

Enquiry 9.2 has been broken into two parts, so that is clear that Enquiry 9.3 is raised in relation to all guarantees or bonds (whether those apparent from the Tenancy Documents, or whose details are supplied in response to Enquiry 9.2).

CPSE.3 (now version 3.1)

Enquiry 1.6 and 1.9 have been reorganised and now refer to service charge accounts being certified, audited or (in the case of Enquiry 1.6) covered by an independent accountant’s report. A new drafting note explains the difference. This change was made to reflect the wording in the new edition of the RICS Code of Practice for service charges in commercial property.

CPSE.6 (now version 1.1)

Similar changes were made to Enquiry 9.3 as in CPSE.2 (see above) and additional words have been added to Enquiry 18.3 to make it clear that this enquiry only affects assured shorthold tenancies created before 28 February 1997.

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