Sustainable finance: Chancery Lane Project

Sustainable finance: Chancery Lane Project

On Friday 23 April, the Chancery Lane Project held the first in a series of hackathons for generating further ideas for drafting in the sustainable finance arena. Four of our PSLs in LexisPSL - Emma Millington, Malti Shah, Miranda Campbell (Banking & Finance) and Nora Bullock (Financial Services) – took part, and will be joining a number of lawyers from in house legal teams and law firms in taking drafting ideas forward over the coming weeks in the areas of derivatives, acquisition finance and investment management.

The Chancery Lane Project is non-profit organisation that facilitates collaborative drafting events to create new, practical contract clauses that deliver climate solutions. Each clause is rigorously peer reviewed by experts and then published on their website. The clauses are freely available to all businesses to use in their legal work. They also run workshops to help businesses include the clauses into precedents and contracts. The clauses on their website are the result of collaborative effort of lawyers and legal professionals. The website and playbook includes clauses across a number of legal practice areas (commercial contracts, real estate, construction, finance, just to name a few).

Our PSLs were pleased to see so many participants from a range of law firms and financial institutions taking part, generating fresh ideas for sustainable finance drafting borne from practical experience and anticipated need. Whilst associations like the LMA have published guidance on sustainable finance, the Chancery Lane project’s existing and prospective clauses are an attempt to provide precedent clauses for use in sustainable finance by lawyers and businesses of all sizes and types that are freely available for use.  

To find out more about the project, click through to their website here. To see how you or your colleagues might get involved, see here


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