Draft Different: 33% of fee earners admit to skipping proofreading steps

Draft Different: 33% of fee earners admit to skipping proofreading steps


When analysing the legal process to look for efficiency gains, drafting seems like an obvious place to start, given that 90% of lawyers spend time creating and reviewing documents (such as loan and security documents) daily.

Lawyers can spend hours on this core task every day, and the manual activities they carry out have remained largely unchanged by technology.

In a recent survey, 66% felt they are under too much time pressure to proofread properly, and 33% admitted to having skipped proofreading tasks when creating or reviewing legal documents.Rather alarmingly this is leading to a position where, in our tests, we found that 90% of legal documents checked with LexisDraft contained errors, even on those documents that lawyers were confident they had checked.

In addition, almost two-thirds of fee earners say that they could complete more work if they used tools to help with proofreading.

Several reasons for the lack of focus and investment in drafting productivity solutions seem to centre on law firms’ attitude to change, yet, if a third of top law firm lawyers admit to skipping proofreading steps, can law firms afford not to act to stop them, and help them deliver work more efficiently at the same time?

Read the full report [PDF] or find out more at draftdifferent.co.uk

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