About LexisNexis - Corporate Responsibility

International Law Book Facility

LexisNexis UK has been a key supporter of the International Law Book Facility (ILBF) since 2005, when the ILBF was formed to redress the waste of good quality law books which are discarded each time a new edition is published. Since that time the ILBF has assisted not-for-profit organisations with limited access to legal research resources by selecting and shipping the secondhand legal books that will be most useful to those organisations. Since 2005 the ILBF has sent more than 20,000 books to over 110 organisations in 35 countries. 

LexisNexis UK supports the ILBF in a number of crucial ways: hosting and maintaining the website (https://ilbf.org.uk), managing the marketing and funding applications, leading the charity’s efforts as part of the Operating Committee, managing volunteers and organising packing days. LexisNexis UK has also donated more than 6,000 legal texts, and recently RECares volunteers organised a packing day during which more than 1,200 books donated by LexisNexis UK departments were packed and made ready for shipment. 

Supported on an ongoing basis by LexisNexis UK, the ILBF plays an important role in the development of the rule of law all over the world. In 2012 new recipient partners included the Attorney General's Ministry (Belize), the Legal Resources Foundation (Zimbabwe), Justice for Children (Uganda), the Nigerian Law School, the Guyana Association of Women Lawyers and the Law Association of Zambia.