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Looking for the right resource? You can quickly find product information or add a title to your shopping cart by using the Advanced Search Options.

Use the Title,Author,Product Code,or ISBN/ISSN fields to illustrate the product you’re looking to find and select Search at the bottom of the screen.Or you can use the keyword(s) field to search all of the product information.

To search for products within a specific area of interest you can use the Practice Area selections. Simply select the appropriate Topic within the drop down list for your search and select Search at the bottom of the screen.

You may also use the Format list to search for products of a certain type such as books or CDs.

If you wish to refine the search results you receive try using terms that are more specific or add an additional Practice Area or formats to your search criteria.If you wish to see more results , simply use less specific search terms or remove the Practice Area or Formats filters.

Be sure to check the spelling on your search terms if you’re not locating the products you need.This site uses British English spelling and terminology.

And you can always get assistance for finding the right product by calling our Customer Support team at +44 (0)845 370 1234.

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