Tolley's Company Law Handbook 22nd edition

Tolley's Company Law Handbook 22nd edition
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Now in its 22nd edition, the essential Tolley publication is the first point of reference for accountants, solicitors, company secretaries and all those involved in company law.

Fully updated with all the latest company law developments and in an A–Z format, this practical guide will enable you to remain at the forefront of company legislation matters.

The book is structured to reflect and meet the information needs of the modern day practitioner with a balance of accountancy and law coverage

Complete coverage of the Companies Act 2006 in an accessible A–Z format.

The book also covers other relevant company law provisions (excluding insolvency), case law and other important information including the Listing Rules, Prospectus Rules, Disclosure and Transparency Rules and the Takeovers Code.

1. Accounting reference dates and periods; 2. Accounts: Definitions; 3. Accounts: General; 4. Accounts: Groups of companies; 5. Accounts: Individual companies; 6. Accounts: Insurance and banking companies; 6A. Accounts: Limited liability partnerships; 7. Accounts: Small and medium-sized companies; 7A. Accounts: Summary financial statements; 8. Acquisition of own shares; 9. Allotment of shares; 10. Annual returns; 11. Articles of association; 12. Auditors; 13. Bonus issues; 14. Class rights; l4A. Community interest companies; 15. Companies not formed under CA 1985; 16. Dealings with third parties; 17. Debentures and other borrowing; 18. Definitions; 19. Directors; 19A. Directors? remuneration reports; 20. Directors? reports; 21. Disclosure of interests in public company shares; 22. Dissolution and striking off; 23. Distributions; 24. Dormant companies; 25. European community legislation; 26. Fees; 27. Formation; 28. Forms; 29. Guarantee companies; 30. Insider dealing and market abuse; 31. Investigations; 32. Limited liability partnerships; 33. Meetings; 34. Members; 35. Memorandum of Association; 36. Names and business names; 37. Open-ended investment companies; 38. Overseas companies; 39. Partnerships; 40. Penalties and legal proceedings; 41. Political donations; 42. Prospectuses; 43. Public and listed companies; 44. Reconstructions and mergers; 45. Records; 46. Registered office; 47. Registers; 48. Registrar of companies; 49. Registration and re-registration; 50. Registration of charges; 51. Resolutions; 52. Rights issues; 53. Scotland; 54. Seals; 55. Secretary; 56. Share premium; 57. Share transfers etc; 58. Shares and share capital; 59. Takeovers; 60. Unlimited companies; 61. Unregistered companies; 62. Wales; Table of cases; Table of statutes; Table of statutory instruments; Index


By Janet Rosser

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