The Modern Law of Patents Third edition

The Modern Law of Patents Third edition
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The third edition of this popular title, is an essential resource for patent lawyers and attorneys. Written by some of the most eminent IP practitioners in the UK, 'The Modern Law of Patents' offers a fresh and comprehensive exposition of the law relating to patents in the UK and Europe.

Part I. The Law of Patents; 1. Introduction; 2. Patentablity; 3. Exclusions from Patentability; 4. Construction of Patents; 5. Priority; 6. Infringement; Part 2. Transactions, Licensing, Crown Use and Entitlement; 7. Entitlement to the patent and employee compensation; 8. Ownership of and transactions in patents; 9. Licenses of right, compulsory licenses and Crown use; Part 3. Prosecution of Patent Applications; 10. Prosecution before the Intellectual Property Office; 11. Prosecution before the European Patent Office; 12. Prosecution under the Patent Cooperation Treaty; 13. Claim Drafting; Part 4. Procedure, Hearings and Arbitration; 14. Infringement and revocation proceedings, declarations of non-infringement; 15. Hearings and oral proceedings before the Patent Offices; 16. Jurisdiction of the English Courts and enforcement of judgments; 17. Arbitration of patent disputes; Part 5. Miscellaneous; 18. Patents and the law of Competition; 19. Border Controls; 20. Supplementary protection certificates; Appendices; A. The history of patent law; B. Theory; C. Future developments; Pleadings and precedents; Appendix 1 - United Kingdom Patents Legislation; Appendix 2 - European Patent Convention; Appendix 3 - Patent Cooperation Treaty; Appendix 4 - Supplementary Protection Certificates; Appendix 5 - EU Law; Appendix 6 - Rules of Court; Appendix 7 - Rules of Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office; Appendix 8 - International Treaties; Appendix 9 - Patent Agents; Index


By Ashley Roughton, Barrister; Phillip Johnson, Barrister; Trevor Cook, WilmerHale

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