Real Estate Finance: Law, Regulation and Practice

Real Estate Finance: Law, Regulation and Practice
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A comprehensive and practical guide covering all the key topics relating to the financing of and investing in real estate for lawyers advising originators, arrangers, issuers, banks, lenders, investors and financial service providers. Real Estate Finance: Law, Regulation and Practice book covers the practical details needed by lawyers to ensure they provide clients with the best advice both on strategy and the 'nuts and bolts' of a real estate finance deal. This new title on Real Estate Finance: Law, Regulation and Practice is a real practitioner's work with comprehensive coverage of legal and structuring issues, including interesting new developments and technology as well as considering the legal and regulatory environment currently facing the global real estate structured finance and investment market.

Benefits of Real Estate Finance: Law, Regulation and Practice

  • Provides practitioners with the expert guidance that they need to deal with complex legal and tax issues requiring innovative solutions to meet client needs
  • A comprehensive account of the key structural and legal issues in real estate finance and investment
  • Guides practitioners in the setting up of new transactions and administration of existing transactions
  • Provides advice on how to maximise the value of transactions - for example by helping to choose the ideal vehicle for the transaction, or identifying the best way to structure the deal to make the most of the tax advantages
  • Includes tools such as key agreements and a glossary of terms to help practitioners put theory into practice
  • Includes key practical content such as precedents and bank security documents
  • Real Estate Finance: Law, Regulation and Practice is written by experts at a leading international and City of London law firm, as well as servicers, industry specialists, rating agencies, investment banks, consultants and members of the major trade organisations to provide real insight into current law and practice.

Key areas covered in Real Estate Finance: Law, Regulation and Practice include:

CDOs/CLOs; CMBS; ABS/MBS; REITS; Off-shore Unit Trusts/Funds; Private Equity Real Estate Funds; Islamic Finance; Sale Leasebacks - OPCO PROPCO Structures; Commercial Property Derivatives; High Yield Investments; The Ratings Process; Title Insurance; Tax Planning; The Regulatory Regime; Insolvency and the Enforcement of Security; Further Developments and Emerging Markets; Precedents.

The Globalisation of Real Estate;
Real Estate Cycles;
Evolution and Convergence of Real Estate Capital Markets;
Real Estate Investment and Risk Analysis;
The Financing of UK Real Estate;
Financing and Developing of UK Land;
Valuing UK Real Estate;
Balance Sheet Lending;
A UK Lender's Perspective of Real Estate;
Health of UK Commercial Property Lending Market;
Owning and acquiring UK Real Estate:
A Property Investor's Viewpoint;
Managing UK Real Estate and Real Estate Loans;
UK Tax Issues In Real Estate Finance Transactions;
Shariah Compliant Real Estate Operations and Finance;
Sale and Leaseback;
European Mortgage-Backed Securitisation;
US Mortgage-Backed Securitisation;
Commercial Real Estate Collateralised Debt Obligations;
Emergence of Real Estate Funds;
Development of US Real Estate Funds;
The Emergence and Development of US Real Estate Investment Trusts;
Real Estate Investment Trusts within UK and Europe;
Real Estate Investment and Financing Vehicles in the Channel Islands;
On Shore Tax Aspects;
Private Equity Real Estate Funds;
Property Derivatives;
Real Estate Subordinate Debt;
Title Insurance - an Aid to Cross-Border Real Estate Financing;
Enforcement of Cross Border Real Estate Security;
Foreign Direct Investment in Indian Real Estate;
Real Estate Finance in Russia;
Real Estate Finance in Japan;
Real Estate Finance and Investment in Brazil;
Real Estate Finance in China and Hong Kong


General Editor: Andrew V Petersen, Partner, Kirkpatrick & Lockhart Preston Gates Ellis LLP

: 8850