Payroll Fact File (Pay-As-You-Go Service)

Payroll Fact File (Pay-As-You-Go Service)
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Payroll Fact File (Pay-As-You-Go Service)

The Payroll Fact File provides practical information on every aspect of payroll procedures in an easy-to-read looseleaf format. It takes a procedural approach to the subject, with many worked examples, checklists and flow charts provided throughout to help you work logically through all your payroll queries. There are many situations when you need to know the law as it relates to pay and benefits. You may need to assess the implications of an employee using a company car or to calculate the remuneration owing to a pregnant employee. Whatever the query, it is at times like these when you should turn to the hands-on guidance of the Payroll Fact File, to ensure you are carrying out the correct procedures and calculations. * Regular, comprehensive updates * Checklists, tables and flow charts * Numerous worked examples The Payroll Fact File is designed to keep those engaged in payroll and related tasks updated with ever-changing legislation and payroll procedures. Six updates per year, invoiced separately.

1. Processing Payroll; 2. Starters and Leavers; 3. Pay As You Earn; 4. National Insurance; 5. Benefits and Expenses; 6. International Employees; 7. Statutory Sick Pay; 8. Maternity, Paternity and Adoption; 9. Tax Year End; 10. Record Keeping and Penalties; 11. Small Employers; 12. Employment Law; 13. Pensions; 14. Useful Sources of Information



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