Oke's Magisterial Formulist

Oke's Magisterial Formulist
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Oke's Magisterial Formulist

This unique two-volume looseleaf work provides a comprehensive collection of precedents for all statutory and many regulatory offences within the jurisdiction of the magistrates' courts, as well as the wording of many complaints and appeals heard in these courts.

Divided into 16 main subject divisions, the service covers a wide range of precedents for all statutory offences within the jurisdiction of magistrates' courts. Fully cross-referenced to Stone's Justices' Manual, additional features include increased coverage of local authority offences, particularly in divisions dealing with consumer protection and the environment; an entire section dealing with fees and expenses; and a Table of Penalties, issued as a bound booklet, which serves as a reference aid for calculating penalties.

Two looseleaf volumes, three service issues approx. per year (invoiced separately on publication).

Part 1. Procedures and disposals:
- Before the magistrates' court
- Before the youth court
- Before the family court
- Before the licensing committee
- Fees and expenses

Part 2. Offences and matters of complaint:
- Agriculture, animals and fisheries
- Administration of justice, church and state
- Commerce, industry and trade
- Consumer protection
- Employment, health and safety
- Environment and public health
- Licensing
- Offences against persons
- Offences against property
- Road traffic
- Social welfare
- Transport and communications
- Table of penalties
- Table of statutes
- Table of statutory instruments
- Index


Editor: St John Pilkington, LLB, Barrister, Clerk to the Justices, South Lincolnshire Magistrates? Court

: 8850