Nagpal: The Derivatives Casebook

Nagpal: The Derivatives Casebook
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Nagpal: The Derivatives Casebook

Nagpal: The Derivatives Casebook is the first book to bring together all the relevant litigation that forms legal precedence applicable to these special financial tools. Nagpal: The Derivatives Casebook carries the full text of all judgments handed down at the highest court level and the author's summary case notes together with user-friendly analysis. The Derivatives Casebook also covers all of the cases litigated under English law that relate to OTC derivative transactions, making this an invaluable tool to the risk aware derivatives lawyer.

1. Hazell v Hammersmith & Fulham Borough Council (1992);
2. TSB Bank of Scotland v Hatfield & Welwyn District Council (1993);
3. Morgan Grenfell & Co Ltd v Hatfield & Welwyn District Council (1993);
4. Westdeutsche Landesbank Girozentrale v Islington London Borough Council (1993);
5. Bankers Trust International plc v PT Dharmala Sakti Sejahtera (1995);
6. South Tyneside Metropolitan Borough Council v Svenska International plc (1995);
7. Credit Suisse Financial Products v Societe Generale D'Enterprises (1996);
8. Kleinwort Benson Ltd v. Birmingham City Council (1996);
9. Credit Suisse v. Allerdale Borough Council (1997);
10. Larussa-Chigi v. CS First Boston Limited (1997);
11. Morgan Stanley UK Group v. Puglisi (1998);
12. Kleinwort Benson Ltd v. various borough councils (1998);
13. Nuova Safim SpA v. The Sakura Bank Limited (1998);
14. Guiness Mahon v. Kensington & Chelsea Royal Borough Council (1999);
15. Griffin v. Citibank Investments Limted (2000);
16. Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd v. Societe Generale (2000);
17. Peregrine Fixed Income Limited (in liquidation) v. Robinson Department Store Public Company Limited (2000)


Author: Ritu Nagpal, Head of Derivatives, Credit Suisse First Boston

: 8850