Medicine, Patients and the Law

Medicine, Patients and the Law
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In the extensively revised and updated fourth edition of this highly acclaimed textbook, Margaret Brazier and Emma Cave examine the regulation of medicine, the rights of patients and responsibilities of doctors and legal remedies. The book covers a diverse range of fields from research on embryos to clinical negligence, cloning to euthanasia. The text charts recent developments in the law including reform of the General Medical Council, legislation such as the Human Tissue Act 2004, Mental Capacity Act 2005 and the NHS Redress Act 2006 and proposals to reform the law. The clear and concise style makes the book accessible to legal professionals as well as to students, medical practitioners and the lay person.

Part I - Medicine, Law and Society;
1. The Practice of Medicine Today;
2. Doctors' Responsibilities: Patients' Rights;
3. Medicine, Moral Dilemmas and the Law;
4. A Relationship of Trust and Confidence;

Part II - Medical Malpractice;
5. Agreeing to Treatment;
6. Competence, Consent and Compulsion;
7. Clinical Negligence;
8. Malpractice Litigation;
9. Complaints and Redress;
10. Medical Products Liability;

Part III - Matters of Life and Death;
11. Family Planning;
12. Pregnancy and Childbirth;
13. Assisted Conception;
14. Abortion and Embryo Research;
15. Doctors and Children;
16. Medical Research;
17. Defining Death;
18. Organ and Tissue Transplantation;
19. The Human Body and Its Parts;
20. End of Life


By Margaret Brazier and Emma Cave

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