Margo: Aviation Insurance Third edition

Margo: Aviation Insurance Third edition
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Did you know there is a new edition of this book coming soon? Pre-order your copy of Margo: Aviation Insurance Fourth edition now.

The Third edition of this highly regarded work examines all forms of aviation insurance, including a detailed analysis of its practical applications and of the workings of the aviation insurance market.

As well as including the LAUA (Lloyd's Aviation Underwriters' Association) forms, it has also been updated and expanded and covers a wide variety of topics, including compulsory insurance, the forms and contents of the policy, loss of licence insurance and persons entitled to cover. This readily accessible text will be of significant value to all with a business interest in this subject.

- Introduction
- Definition and classification
- Compulsory insurance
- The aviation insurance market
- The relationship between the parties
- Underwriting practice and formation of the contract
- Insurable interest
- The duty of disclosure
- The premium
- The forms and contents of the policy
- Hull insurance
- Passenger liability insurance
- Third party liability insurance
- Cargo insurance
- Products liability insurance
- Airport operations liability insurance
- Loss of licence insuranc
- Personal accident and life insurance
- War and hijacking insurance
- Hovercraft insurance
- Spacecraft insurance
- The presentation and adjustment of claims
- The extent of the insurer's liability
- Persons entitled to cover
- Construction of the policy
- Conflict of laws
- Reinsurance


By Rod D Margo, BCom, LLB (Witwatersrand), DCL (McGill), Member of the California and District of Columbia Bar, Partner, Condon and Forsyth (Los Angeles), Lecturer in Aviation Law, UCLA School of Law, Los Angeles, Fellow of FRAes

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