Lingard's Bank Security Documents Fifth edition

Lingard's Bank Security Documents Fifth edition
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Lingard's Bank Security Documents Fifth edition

Now in its fifth edition, Lingard Bank Security Documents is the leading textbook on Bank Security Documents. Widely cited, this is a core resource for banking lawyers in-house, in private practice, or at the Bar, bankers dealing with security documents or recovery situations and insolvency practitioners.

Lingard Bank Security Documents covers all aspects of the subject matter in detail, including chapters on guarantees and third-party charges, facility letters, the debenture, fixed and floating charges, covenants, and covers security documents for land, shares, life policies, contracts, goods and money.

What is included in Lingard Bank Security Documents:

  • Covers the full implementation of the Companies Act 2006, providing a timely and current resource on this subject.
  • Other areas of the work updated include expanded coverage of contracts, life policies (and general insurance), IP/patents, films and advertising.
  • The precedents section has been extended, in addition to a table of statutory instruments.
  • Includes an accompanying CD of precedents, which can be adapted to your house style.

The creation of Security; Preliminary steps; Minutes; Registration and other formalities; Commercial benefit: guarantees and third-party charges; Facility letters; Inherent defects; The debenture; The covenant to pay; Fixed charges; Floating charges; Covenants and miscellaneous clauses; Enforcement; The composite guarantee and debenture and syndication clauses; Guarantees and other security documents; Guarantees and third-party charges; Land; Shares; Life policies and contracts; Goods; Money; Miscellaneous; Specimen security documents; Debenture; Composite debenture; Guarantee (Individual); Guarantee (Company); Legal charge of freeholds and/or leaseholds; Charge over shares; Letter of pledge; Trust receipt; Letter of hypothecation and lien; Priorities deed; Appendix; Index


By Timothy N Parsons, Executive Director, Legal Lehman Brothers International (Europe) (in administration)

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