Knight's Guide to Fire Safety Legislation

Knight's Guide to Fire Safety Legislation
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Knight's Guide to Fire Safety Legislation

This convenient looseleaf service brings together in one place the vast array of statutes, regulations and supporting documents relating to fire safety and prevention across the complete range of domestic, commercial and industrial premises.

Key features of Knight's Guide to Fire Safety Legislation:

* Volume 1 contains a detailed commentary on the legislation and its implications
* Volume 2 contains the most important published guidance issued by the appropriate authorities
* Volume 3 contains the main legislation, including the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004 and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, reproduced in annotated and amended form, summaries of all relevant Acts and statutory instruments, definitions of legal terms and a bibliography listing all relevant British Standards, Health and Safety Executive guidance and other useful publications
* It is the only looseleaf service to combine coverage of building design and construction with the fire safety regulations relating to buildings in use, certification and licensing, providing an up-to-date, readable and easy-to-use reference source

This looseleaf service will provide a valuable reference source for architects, builders, surveyors, the fire service, insurance companies, safety officers and all local authority officers involved in building control, design, construction, supervision and management of buildings.

Three-volume looseleaf, four updates per year, invoiced separately.

Part One: General Fire Precautions Legislation
Part Two: Living, Recreation and Working Premises Fire Risk Categories 'A' to 'D'
Part Three: Special Risk Premises Fire Risk Categories 'High' And 'Extra' High
Part Four: Fire Safety - Guidance to Legislation
Part Five: Statutes
Part Six: Statutory Instruments
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