Gough: Company Charges Third edition

Gough: Company Charges Third edition
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Gough: Company Charges book provides a definitive treatment of the nature and effect of corporate fixed and floating charge security, company charge registration and charge priorities in relation to secured, unsecured and purchase interests. 

What is Included in Gough: Company Charges Third Edition

  • It deals with new legislation, including the Enterprise Act 2002, plus major House of Lords decisions such as Spectrum.
  • Frequently referred to with approval by the superior courts in England, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, Gough: Company Charges covers legislation from the UK, New Zealand and Australia, with case law from all relevant jurisdictions.

1. Charge Creation;
2. Floating Charge;
3. Charges Registration System;
4. Heads of Charge;
5. Registration Compliance;
6. Registration Effect;
7. Separate Registration;
8. Charge Priority


By W J Gough, LLB (Hons) (Cantuar), PhD (Cantab), Solicitor, Sydney, Australia

1706 : 8850