Goode: Commercial Law Fourth edition

Goode: Commercial Law Fourth edition
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Goode: Commercial Law Fourth edition

Available in full-size hardback format, the fourth edition of this highly acclaimed work is used extensively by commercial lawyers in this country and overseas. Goode: Commercial Law  combines a deep theoretical treatment of personal property and commercial law with a penetrating analysis of key issues in typical commercial and financial transactions.

Why Goode - Commercial Law is essential:

As part of its synthesis of theory and practice Goode: Commercial Law discusses typical contract structures to demonstrate how contractual relationships can be organised in different ways to produce or avoid a desired legal result. This new edition of Goode: Commercial Law brings the text up-to-date with Companies Act 2006 changes, developments in the law of security, case law on charges and all other developments.

Key benefits of Goode - Commercial Law Fourth Edition:

  • Written by Professor Roy Goode and Professor Ewan McKendrick, Commercial Law book is the most authoritative text on commercial law.
  • Analysis of complex and large areas of law are distilled into one portable volume.
  • Well-established and highly respected in the field of commercial law – widely used amongst legal practitioners in this area.
  • Goode: Commercial Law provides up-to-date, comprehensive content on the theory and practice of commercial transactions.
  • In a time when business is increasingly conducted internationally, Goode: Commercial Law will provide guidance on both domestic and trans-national commercial law, giving you presence at home and overseas.

Part I: The Foundations of Commercial Law. The nature and sources of commercial law. Basic concepts of personal property. Some aspects of contract law. Commercial contracts. Agency in commercial transactions.

Part II: Domestic Sales. A brief history of sales law. The contract of sale: its nature and function. The passing of the property. Risk and frustration. Delivery. The statutory implied terms in favour of the buyer. Rejection and its consequences. Acceptance. The buyer' s remedies for misrepresentation or breach by the seller. Duties of the buyer and remedies of the seller for misrepresentation or breach. Title conflicts between seller or buyer and third parties.

Part III: Money, Payment and Payment Systems. Concepts of money and payment. Instruments generally. Bills of exchange. Cheques and the duties of bankers in relation thereto. Other instruments.

Part IV: Secured Financing. The classification and characteristics of credit and security. The creation, enforcement and transfer of security rights. Principles of perfection and priorities. The floating charge.

Part V: Specific Forms of Secured Business Finance. General financing considerations. Conditional sale and hire-purchase. The finance lease. Financing against stock and receivables. Guarantees.

Part VI: Corporate Insolvency. Principles of corporate insolvency law.

Part VII: International Trade and Finance. The characteristics and organisation of international sales transactions. The Vienna Convention on international sales. Documentary sales. The financing of international trade. Rights and duties of the sea carrier. Conflict of laws.

Part VIII: The Resolution of Commercial Disputes. Litigation. Commercial arbitration.

Part IX: Envoi. Final reflections. Index.


By Professor Sir Roy Goode CBE, QC, LLB 1954, LLD 1976, Lond, FBA, 1988, FRSA 1990, Barrister (IT) 1988, Hon Bencher, (Solr 1955-88); Hon. DSc Econ (Lond) 1996; Hon LLD (University of East Anglia) 2003, Norton Rose Professor of English Law and Fellow, St John's College 1990-1998, Emeritus Professor of Law and Emeritus Fellow of St. John's College, Former Chairman Exec Committee, JUSTICE; Member of Council, Br Inst Int and Comp Law; Member, DTI Committee on Arbitration, 1985 and of Civil and Fam Committee of Judicial Studies Board, Member of Governing Council of International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT) 1988-2003; and Professor Ewan McKendrick, Herbert Smith, Professor of English Private Law, BCL, MA, LLB (Edinburgh), Barrister of Gray's Inn, Professor of English Private Law, Fellow of Lady Margaret Hall. He is a member of the Editorial Committee of Current Legal Problems and a member of the Advisory Editorial Board of the Edinburgh Law Review. He is a member of Chambers at 3 Verulam Buildings, Gray's Inn

"There is, without doubt, no better commercial law text. For less than 150, any commercial lawyer should seriously consider buying this text."
Student Law Journal, review of the previous edition

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