Garner's Environmental Law

Garner's Environmental Law
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Garner's Environmental Law

Garner's Environmental Law is a comprehensive collection of annotated UK and EC source materials on environmental law arranged by subject. The work collects together all primary and secondary legislation, EC directives and government circulars under each subject area, accompanied by authoritative narrative coverage, including reference to the relevant cases. It also contains a comprehensive collection of forms and precedents, a useful Directory of Regulators, and a Find The Information You Need Service.

The looseleaf contains detailed annotation of all statutory provisions and regulations in force and offers guidance on the full legal and environmental implications of an action. It contains all relevant government circulars, codes of practice and other essential documents. Recent additions to the service include legislation on landfill tax and emissions trading.

The service is fully maintained through bi-monthly bulletins and regular issues, informing subscribers of forthcoming legislation, EC regulations and directives, cases and prosecutions.

The service is now available on CD-ROM as part of the Butterworths Planning and Environmental Law Service and online through Local Government Direct, bringing all the added benefits of electronic delivery such as enhanced search facilities, daily news updates and hypertext links.

Six looseleaf volumes, subscribers receive their first year's updating issues as part of the purchase price (three service issues approx. per year). Subscribers are then charged annually for subsequent updating.

Also available as a searchable CD-ROM Garner's Environmental Law on CD-Rom.

Division 0: The Legal Framework and Environment Agencies
Division I: Integrated Pollution Prevention and Air Pollution Control
Division II: Waste on Land
Division IIA: Contaminated Land
Division IIB: Statutory Nuisance
Division III: Pollution of Inland Waters
Division IV: Pollution of the Sea
Division V: Atmospheric Pollution
Division VI: Pollution by Noise
Division VIA: Pollution by Hazardous Substances and Articles
Division VII: Pollution by Radioactive Substances
Division VIII: Forms and Precedents
Division IX: EC Environmental Policy
Division IXA: EC Integrated Pollution Control
Division IXB: EC Waste on Land
Division IXC: EC Pollution of Inland Waters and the Sea
Division IXD: EC Atmospheric Pollution
Division IXE: EC Pollution by Noise
Division IXF: EC Dangerous Substances or Articles
Division IXG: EC Environmental Impact Assessment
Division IXH: EC Miscellaneous Environmental Legislation
Bulletins, Tables and Index Binder:
Current Bulletins
Guide to Environmental Regulations in the UK 1995
Directory of Environmental Regulators in the UK 2000
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From an original work by the late J F Garner, Solicitor, Emeritus Professor of Public Law, University of Nottingham. From 2013, new commentary is written by contributors at Landmark Chambers and at 6 Pump Court Chambers, with assistance from Terra Firma Chambers for Scottish Environmental Law.

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